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2007 ~ 2014

Began PTFE membrane localization: Advanced into the Filter Business


Established company


Established PTFE membrane manufacturing facilities


Acquired NEP (New Excellent Product) certification for our industrial air filter
Awarded Gyeonggi Provincial Governor's Commendation for Excellence in Technology Development


Started supplying PTFE membrane filter material to KEMPER (company specializing in industrial dust collectors in Germany)
Started supplying air filters for dust collection at Korean thermal power plants (Southern, Central, Southeast, East-West, and Western power generation)

2015 ~ 2020

Challenges and Expansion: Advanced into the Hydrogen Fuel Cell Business


Concluded joint development MOU for fuel cell electrolyte membrane with company H in Korea
Attracted investment in Synopex/SGI (1 billion KRW / 500 million KRW)
Selected for Energy Technology Development Project (PTFE Electrolyte Membrane Development for Automotive Fuel Cells, 4.8 billion KRW for 3 years)
Attracted Hyundai Technology Investment’s Hydrogen Fund (1 billion KRW)


Relocated headquarters and factory (Yeonggwang Daema Industrial Complex, Jeollanam-do)
Concluded contracts for integrated purchase with companies H and K in Korea


Concluded a joint R&D contract with LS Cable & System for PTFE POD


Attracted 1 billion KRW Shinhan Capital investment
Signed NDA with Japan's company T
Attracted investments by Korea Development Bank 1 billion KRW and DVP 1 billion KRW


Acquired Technology Innovation Company (InnoBiz) Certification / Ministry of SMEs and Startups
Acquired Performance Certification (EPC) (Air filter material for dust collection using PTFE membrane)


Developed ePTFE membrane filter for masks (performance superior compared to KF grade by Ministry of Korea Food and Drug Safety)
Launched Komemtec Mask for online and offline sales (Naver Store, Kakao Commerce, etc.)

2020 to Present

Expanded filter and fuel cell business. Company stock will be listed on the Korean Stock Market


Succeeded in localization of high-performance filters for semiconductor clean rooms
Exported $2 million of PTFE reinforced composite membrane for fuel cells to Hong Kong
Entered the building fuel cell market
Company stock will be listed on the Korean Stock Market based on special technological merits.