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  • Dimensional Stability

  • High Ion Conductivity

  • Customized Production

  • Large-area Product Manufacture

We manufacture Trania reinforced composite membranes by impregnating ionomer into the PTFE membrane we self-developed and produced.
Our price competitiveness is such because we produce the membrane ourselves and have our own ionomer impregnating technology, beginning with raw materials.


  • 01

    Supply contracts with Korean and overseas companies

    Progressing with the supply contract with Company H and Company T at the top of the hydrogen fuel cell supply chain.

  • 02

    High dimensional stability and ion conductivity

    By applying ionomer impregnation technology to self-developed PTFE
    We have secured excellent dimensional stability and high ion conductivity.

  • 03

    Large-area product manufacture and mass production

    Possible to build up to 780mmW.
    Using roll-to-roll equipment enables mass production.

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