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  • New Product/
    Performance Certified

  • Boron Free

  • Excellent Filtration Efficiency

  • Operation and Maintenance Costs Reduced

No hazardous substances discharged compared to MB filter
Filters more than 99.995 to 99.9995% of ultrafine dust sized 0.1 to 0.3 μm in the atmosphere
Boron free: No hazard to semiconductor, LCD, LED processes
Applicable to ultraclean environments, such as a clean room, electronics or precision equipment manufacture, hospitals, foods industry, etc.

New Product


HEPA Filter Filtration
Efficiency Reports

ULPA Filter Filtration
Efficiency Reports


  • 01

    Localization Certification

    100% localization of filter material
    Acquired new product certifications (NEP)
    Performance certification (EPC)

  • 02

    High Performance

    Excellent in filtration efficiency/pressure loss compared to the MB (melt-blown, in-depth filtration) filter
    H14/U15 grade filter, reduced leakage of hazardous substances

  • 03

    Customized Production

    Reduce costs by custom-manufacture to demand in air volume and size

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