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  • Various Performance Certification

  • PTFE Membrane Filter

  • Ultra High-performance Breathability

Komemtec Duifl Mask based on PTFE membrane
Excellent performance on facial area intake resistance, filteration efficiency, and breathability

CE Certificate




  • 01

    Localization & Certification

    European Personal Protection Equipment CE FFP2 Certification
    German Dermatest excellent rating
    U.S. FDA Registration / Passed various hazardous substances test

  • 02

    PTFE Membrane Filter

    High-performance PTFE membrane filter excellent in filtration efficiency and intake resistance compared to the MB (melt-blown, in-depth filtration) filter.
    Surface filtration, virus not loaded inside the mask.

  • 03

    High Breathability

    Ultra-thin characteristic of PTFE membrane
    Thin mask with triple structure
    Easy to breath due to high breathability

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